2nd Mentees Forum on Saturday 26th November 2022

18 months on, the Mentoring scheme of CMMI has come of age. This was amply evident at the 2nd Mentees Forum that was organized on Saturday 26th November 2022. And so also said the survey responses of the Mentees that was collected well before.

Master, Capt B K Jha opened the Forum with a warm welcome to the Mentees and the Facilitators of the scheme.

Treasurer, Capt Gyanendra Singh made all the Mentees comfortable with his sage counsel and urged all the Mentees once they obtain their 2nd Mate CoC to become Members of CMMI and continue their professional relationships.

CEO Capt Sasikumar presented the Analysis of the survey responses which is attached. Though the response numbers were less as compared to the numbers enrolled because of most Mentees being on board the ship and communications being not so easy, yet it was a fair representation statistically of the general experience of all the Mentees.

"Excellent……a great opportunity….” "Professional and helpful…..” "Motivating & supportive…..” "More of a friend and guide…..” were generally the responses.

This opinion and feedback was corroborated in the discussions that followed with the Mentees present when Capt Y Sharma engaged with them and solicited comments individually. Mentees were overwhelmed by the guidance and support coming from such senior members of the Profession. They were visibly grateful as they encountered individual experiences and how much each of them had benefitted. Capt Sharma reiterated maintenance of discretion and confidentiality and advised the Mentees to engage with their Mentors proactively.

Dr(Capt) S Bhardwaj summed up by first thanking the Master for his encouragement and foresight in starting the scheme and thanked all the Mentors for their yeoman service to the profession in guiding and shaping the future maritime leadership of the country.

Secretary General Capt Bhasin thanked one and all and while expressing his great satisfaction on the progress, he also wished more and more members could come forth in this initiative.

Reiterating the Objectives of the scheme for inviting more Members to the scheme :-
1. To help imbibe the professional values of the merchant marine profession.
2. Towards Career Development – helping plan, develop, grow, and manage careers so that Mentees become more self-reliant and more responsible as self-directed learners.
3. Towards Leadership and Management Development – which are more easily gained through application and guided practice,&
4. Psychosocial Support – Provide that emotional support, encouragement, advise, assistance, acceptance, confirmation and counselling towards smoother induction into the highly operational environment of merchant marine profession.

It is clarified that that this is not Academic support, for which there are their Training institutes and their Company Training Officers.

The scheme is voluntary and pro bono and there-in lies the success of the scheme The sense of satisfaction is immense and the value-addition and contribution to the profession is worth in gold.

CMMI remains grateful and applauds the benefaction of its 45 Mentors and considers this scheme as its singular most noble and notable achievement.

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