Board of Examinations for Seafarers Trust

Board of Examinations for Seafarers Trust

Board of Examinations for Seafarers (BES) Trust was formed in 2005 by Company of Master Mariners of India (CMMI) and the Institute of Marine Engineers (India) (IMEI). BES Trust is authorized by the Directorate general of Shipping to conduct "All India Exit Examination" for trainees passing out of pre-sea training institutes for GP and CCMC ratings.

Through IMEI and CMMI, BES is supported by a very large number of professionals and their associates in the Marine Industry. Dedicated involvement of trustees has made BES an organization of repute. It has developed highly collaborative relationships with the training institutes and marine industry to provide proactive support. Aim of BES is "Enhancement in Quality of Maritime Education and Training in India".
BES registered as charitable trust under the Assistant Charity Commissioner Thane and is an certified ISO 9001:2015 organization under the Indian Register of Shipping.

The Text Books developed by BES Trust is used by all pre sea Training Institutes for both GP and CCMC ratings.

Present Activities of BES Trust:

  1. All India Exit Examination for ratings - General Purpose and Catering Ratings
  2. Holding written and oral Examinations for seamen of different grades on behalf of Maharashtra Maritime Board.
  3. Holding oral examination for seaman of all grades on behalf of Inland Water Transport, Government of West Bengal.
  4. Holding oral Examinations for seaman of all grades as per Cochin HarbourCraft Rules.
  5. Holding examination for Seamen of all grades as per Chennai Harbour Craft Rules.
  6. Holding examination for Seamen of all grades as per Visakhapatnam Port Trust Rules.
  7. Organizing Seaman's Enhance Programme for ratings on regular basis at Mumbai.
  8. Distributing Training Record Books to ratings to obtain COP of Watchkeeping and Able Seafarer for Deck side, Able Seafarer for Engine side and Electro Technical Ratings.
  9. Consultancy work on Maritime Training related issues.

Present Trustees

  • Capt.B. K. Jha
  • Capt. K. V. Pradhan
  • Capt. M. P. Bhasin
  • Capt. M. K. Patankar
  • Mr. V. K. Jain
  • Mr. Bhupesh Tater
  • Mr. Rajeev Nayyer
  • Mr. S. Kannan

Present CEO

  • Capt. Harish Khatri

Past Chairman of BES Trust:

  • Mr. D. Mehrotra
  • Mr. C. Subba Rao
  • Capt. V.N. Aindley
  • Dr. B. K. Saxena
  • Capt. V.K. Gupta
  • Mr. M.V. Ramamurthy
  • Mr. K. Chdambaram
  • Capt. R.D. Kohli
  • Mr. R.L. Jain
  • Mr. R.C. Bhavnani
  • Capt. N.A. Hiranandani
  • Mr. Uday K S Purohit
  • Capt. Philip Mathews

Past Trustees Of BES

  • Capt. N. A. Hiranandani
  • Capt. V. N. Aindley
  • Capt. S. B. Kundargi
  • Capt. Ajay Achutan
  • Capt. R. D. Kohli
  • Capt. M. R. Paranjpe
  • Capt. M. V. Naik
  • Capt. K. N. Deboo
  • Shri Raghuvir Chand Bhavnani
  • Shri P. S. Murty
  • Shri Ravi Bhatia
  • Shri Krishnamurti Chidambaram
  • Shri Asim Kumar Ghosh
  • Thomas K. Varghese
  • Ranjit Kumar Mohanty
  • Capt. V. K. Gupta
  • Capt. J. P. Menezes
  • Capt. R. Chandramowleeswaran
  • Shri R. L. Jain
  • Shri Mayilrangam V. Ramamurthy
  • Shri V. A. Kamath
  • Capt. S. M. Halbe
  • Capt. Birendra Kumar Jha
  • Capt. Philip Mathews
  • Shri Ashok Raghavan
  • Dr. B. K. Saxena
  • Shri Rajeev Nayyer
  • Dr. Bijendra Kumar Saxena
  • Shri C. V. Subba Rao
  • Vijendra Kumar Jain
  • Shri Sanjeev Ogale
  • Capt. Kaustabha V. Pradhan
  • Capt. Shrikant Y. Limaye
  • Shri Dilip Mehrotra
  • Shri Uday Kumar Shivram Purohit
  • Shri Kannan Sadagopan
  • Capt. Mukund Kumar
  • Shri Krishna Kumar Nair
  • Capt. Georgie K. George
  • Capt. M.P.Bhasin
  • Capt. Pankaj Sarin
  • Shri Tarun Kumar