CMMI - EXTRA MASTER's on-line classes

CMMI commences 'Part A of Extra-Master's' online classes inaugurated by Capt. S. S. Naphade

The Company of Master Mariners of India (CMMI) have always been at the forefront in recognizing and promoting the professional development of seafarers through its commendable initiatives and passion for the shipping industry, which led CMMI to organise the inauguration and commencement of 'Part A of Extra-Master's' online classes on 1st August, 2020.

Deputy Master of CMMI, Capt. Kaustubh Pradhan began the ceremony with the welcome address and introduced Capt. S. S. Naphade - Fellow, CMMI, who graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. With an extensive experience and industry opulence, Capt. Naphade has served in various capacities one of them being the Nautical Advisor to the Govt. of India and a lot of credit goes to him for setting new standards, informed Capt. Pradhan and invited the master of CMMI to take over.

Capt. B. K. Jha - Master, CMMI and a generous personality warmly welcomed all the participants. According to Capt. Jha, in the last 35 years, only 65 people have passed the Extra-Masters in India. He explained how daunting these numbers were for a nation like ours and then called out the chief guest to take the floor and address the gathering.

The official and online inauguration of the 'Part A of Extra-Master's' online classes was done at the hands of Capt. Naphade, who looking at the number of pass outs said, "I am very glad to see that CMMI has taken such a step but let me assure the master that 'all great things start in a small way' and I am sure this activity will gain great momentum if the teachers associated with this program provide the right inspiration and guide the student with passion." While interacting with the audience, Capt. Naphade also recalled his experience of doing Extra-Master's 50 years ago, which was then a British certificate of competency, and how the inspiration and passion of two great gentlemen namely; Capt. Joseph and Capt. Rewari helped him excel in the Extra-Masters undertaken by him. Further quoting President John F. Kennedy of USA, "As our knowledge increases, so does our ignorance unfold," he described that how little he knew about ships, shipping and its businesses as when he was just a master mariner. Additionally, Capt. Naphade discussed that conceptual thinking and development of creative skills should be the outcome of such certification, on the other hand, he touched upon the recent education policy by Govt. of India stating that the policy should be critically examined against the backdrop of current practices of HRD in merchant shipping along with introspection about what quality changes can brought in to effectively introduce the new education policy and progressive subjects in shipping.

Co-relating to the thoughts of Capt. Naphade, Capt. Jha expressed that there is a need to produce more and more Extra-Masters because only after doing Extra-Masters one will realise how less knowledge they have as a master.

Leading the session forward, Capt. Pradhan reiterated the statement of Capt. Naphade by stating, "CMMI has taken a big leap with this course and with every drop it will soon turn into a wave and eventually become an ocean, making India a leader in the maritime sector." Capt. Pradhan also applauded the man behind the scene none other than Capt. B. K. Jha who's burned the midnight oil in preparing, compiling and converting the course material to an electronic format, and the overall process took at least 5-6 years.

Laconically summarizing the inauguration ceremony, Capt. M. P. Bhasin - Secretary General, CMMI delivered the vote of thanks by recognizing every individual and association, especially Capt. Jha for introducing a visionary project of Extra-Master's online classes and Capt. Naphade for his valuable time and efforts.

The Extra-Master's online classes will consist of three Parts along with a dissertation. The examination will be conducted by the Directorate General of Shipping and each Part will take 4 months including the exam where the passed part will be valid for lifetime. Presently, the course is only available for candidates holding Indian Certificate of Competency.

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