CMMI holds Second Webinar on 24th April, 2020

After a thumping success of its first Webinar, CMMI holds it's second of the series of Webinars on Friday, 24th April 2020. Concerned with the security issues with Zoom platform, raised by the Members, CMMI offered a revolutionary solution to the Webinar this time. In addition to Zoom, the Webinar was streamed live on CMMI's own Facebook page, as well as on YouTube to give the Members the options and ease of connectivity. Total participation was 477 on YouTube, 270 on zoom, CMMI Facebook page Plus twitter totaling to 800 participation

The Company of Master Mariners of India (CMMI) held a Webinar on the topic of "Should we still hold the handrails - safety in CoVid times" and "Chartering - concerns in potential economic slowdown". The speakers for these topics were Dr. Nippin Anand, Founder of Novellas Solutions, U.K., and Expert in Human Factors and Safety Management Systems and Capt. Santhakumar M, CMMI, Dubai respectively.

The fraternity of shipping participated in Webinar and was appreciated.

Capt M.P. Bhasin the General Secretary of CMMI was the moderated of the webinar and Capt. Tescilin Almeida Warden was the master of Ceremony, Capt. Kaustubh Pradhan deputy Master gave vote of Thanks.

Capt. B.K. Jha the master of CMMI gave the inaugural spoke on various issues connected with CoVid19 that has forced humanity to think differently about how they have lived so far. Regarding property we have new concept of having 3 Bedroom Hall Kitchen + Office (3BHKO), opportunity to grow up, starting e-learning, STCW Course re validation could be done online, two or three courses could be completed in a day. Students need not come to the maritime training institutes. He concluded a comment since last two years the post of nautical advisor has remained vacant and perhaps it is scrapped.

A one minute silence was observed in memory of the deceased MMD surveyor Capt. K. R. Sundaram, Nautical Surveyor, Capt. K. P. Jayakumar, NA (I/c) was the addressing the Webinar audience congratulated CMMI for holding a very successful webinar. He also highlighted the various issues facing the seafarers in these difficult times and informed about the steps being taken to address the issues. He noted with admiration that Indian shipping companies were concerned about the safety of their crew and ships. The companies have provided the required PPEs to their crew to help them safely operate in the difficult environment. The DGS issued several advisories.

Dr. Nippin Anand in his speech underscored the need for looking at the existing rules and thinking out of the box to meet the challenges posed by the current situation and also prepare for the future challenges that may be presented to the humanity. Risk he averred is not linear and predictable as we would like it to be. Our rules are based on knowledge which is gathered in the past and applied in the present. This may be good for near future. But, we must be ready to accept the fact that in the distant future these may not be helpful. We must be ready to live in discomfort about this fact and be ready to learn afresh about new realities and think critically. Stop imposing on people what we believe is right and start listening to them on what makes sense to them. A famous NASA Scientist came up with an idea that usually when you come up with one solution it gives rise new ones. One can only hope that the new problem is smaller than the older one. Control measures should seek clarity, dialogue, inquiry and not simplicity. The world needs more expertise and not more rules he concluded.

Capt. Santhakumar M. in his speech highlighted about "Concerns of a ship owner during economic slowdown". He spoke about how chartering is done, its parameters and the challenges ahead of us. He highlighted effects of lay time on vessels and their owners. Delays during CoVid19 are new to the industry he said.

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